Change Part I - Believe and Live Differently

“Change” is defined as: to make or become different. From the Biblical perspective I
would add that “Change” is to Believe and Live Differently than the culture by
supernatural means. As a Follower of Christ, the Agent of “Change,” that One which
causes us to believe and empowers us to live differently is our God! On our part,
“Change” happens through simple act(s) of faith…trusting God is who He said He is,
and that God can do what He said He can do and acting accordingly.

Most of us would agree that we need “Change.” We all want "Change" to be instant,
just like we like our food, our purchases, our fun! We hate to wait...we hate when we
don't get what we want when we want it. But "Change" doesn't always work that way,
does it?

During this series we’ll investigate through looking at the scriptures and hearing
stories from some of our own here at Matt’s House.

Bottomline: Change = A supernaturally powered life long journey of becoming who
you were always designed to “Be.” This world desperately needs YOU!

Today we are going to peak into Daniels life, how he believed and lived differently
than the culture around him, how he trusted His God in the midst of life threatening
hardships. Daniel was a jewish boy of noble birth. He was carried off into Babylon
under King Nebuchadnezzar’s captivity in 605 BC. During his captivity, he became
part of Nebuchadnezzar’s court, was promoted into power by the king because
Daniel stood against the culture holding onto what he believed and supernaturally
lived it out.

But before we get further into Daniels story, I have a friend of mine I’d like to
introduce to you…Tray Ferguson, a young man that I have known for a few years
now, and have become very fond of.

Interview - Tray Ferguson
Question: Can you recall one of the main events that happened in your life that
helped you see change was needed? In what ways did you need to change?
Question: How did you step into change, what did you do differently, what changed
in your beliefs? How did being Baptized play a role in these changes?
Question: How could you see change in your day to day life, in recent hardships,

If anybody has reason not to trust God it would be Daniel and his friends. Their lives
had drastically changed. Their home was invaded, their God’s house of worship was
desecrated, destroyed and it’s articles of worship were stolen. Imagine the hardship
and suffering Daniel witnessed and experienced. If his God was so good, why did
these bad things happen? Why should he believe in a God that doesn’t seem to be
present in his most desperate time of need? He’d learned the stories of Israel’s Most
High and Powerful God. How He’d delivered them from slavery in Egypt, provided
for their every need in the desert, given them the Promised Land. But those were just
stories right…where was Israel’s God now, when Daniel need Him?

Reading: Daniel 1:1-7

Summary: Daniel 1:8-21
• Daniel’s Act of Faith, brings favor Ashpenaz, Chief of kings court, (vv.8, 9);
• The boys Act of Faith, brings favor from God, (vv.17);
• The boys Act of Faith, brings favor from the king, (vv.18-20);

Summary: Daniel 2:1-49
The king’s troubling dream, calls for his magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and
astrologers to tell him the dream and interpret the dream under threat of execution,
• Daniels Act of Faith, changes the heart of Arioch, commander of king’s guard (vv.
• Daniels Act of Faith, asking friends to seek God for dream & interpretation, (vv.18);
• Daniels Act of Worship for the dream & it’s interpretation, (vv.20-23);
• Daniels Act of Faith, approaches the king, (vv.24-28) with the dream & interpretation.
• Daniels Act of Faith, changes his circumstances, saves the magicians, enchanters,
sorcerers and astrologers from execution, brings him honor from the king, and gets
him and his friends promoted in the kings court, (vv.45-49)

Point: Where is the God of Israel? Right there with Daniel and the boys, every step
of the way, in their circumstances and troubles changing things! He doesn’t free them

Reflective Challenge
Question: What circumstances, troubles, obstacles are you facing right now?
Question: Do you believe God is present there with you, or has He forgotten about
Plea - Ask God to show you the next step, the act of faith you need to take, to
experience a change?

Prayer/Exhortation & Send Out
Daniel 2:19-23
Challenge: Act, by Faith, on what God has just shown you, step into change?